Stumbling onwards

Stumbling onwards

Nostalgia-pain is due, but
Having hosted revenge-hate
I feel surprise-relieved
At change’s buoyant state

Deep breathing and plyometrics
Aid this process from slipping
Into self-harming and despair
As enlightenment encroaches

As a final blow is due
The graceful coup de grâce
Is but a second milestone
Making today a fulcrum

A pivot to the future
Amid echoes from the past
Reminding me of failure
In its multitudinous forms.



My grand unifying theory

Of everything

Is everything

But that

Doesn’t stop me

Pursuing enigmas

Saying to myself

It’s probably already

Out there

In some form of overlooked

Manifesto for living

That in any case

Bears cultural hallmarks

Exempting it from status

Universal necessary

That in any case

Out-endures history books

Rewritten to update

Antiquated ideas

Of who killed who



The question begs
Why perform an action
Not conducive to motion
In the direction
Of your desires

My will is sleeping
It too needs to rest
Only now occurring
Is the thought
That I’m being bluffed

It’s fatigue
When I need catharsis
Instead I change seats
Unaware of the facts
Random stochastic acts

My internal logic
Is wired backwards
Approaching chaos
Then I hear the voice
Of the ex waitress

Choosing another seat
Her words having been elsewhere
Navigating a torturous route
My senses tell me
What was that?

You want to sit with me?
You’re new here?
There is no communication
I get lost in thought
Trying to pinpoint her accent