Reclaiming birth

Reclaiming birth

Buy an inbred newborn
Unloved by the world
Rejected right away

Instill that wonderful joy
Unform negative imprints
That never go away

But on closer inspection
Brittle textures emerge
And khaki flakes flick off

Two portraits emerge
Echoing into the future
Drawing wafts of incense

Yellow success threatened
Red love destroyed
Tails firm between legs

Packaged in soft silks
And tucked in dry wool
Being sent now home

Wave functions branch
Why’s are unanswered
But their trail endless

And their trajectory this
Cloud of possibilities
So tempting to unravel

Life in suspended motion
Animated by imprints
Set in stone by actions.

Lancing fistulae

Lancing fistulae

When people wake up washed up
The fetid nature within them
Tends to explode their brains

Opening drains for the first time
Through decades long processes
Or tried and applied overnight

Can be done without trauma
Or inflicting life-long sequelae
But why bother with tact

With such tight encryption
And when layer upon layer
Hides behind education

Ponder third-party approaches
Manipulation by stranger
Mimicking all facial expressions

From nowhere a bond forms
And a blue memory is released
Causing cascading consequences

However shortly it was lived
There was a place and time
Golden freedom had reigned

Now it’s drugs for thought
Neurotransmitters for lunch
And signals to all stations

One by one wires uncross
Purple pieces fall into place
And the message decodes