My grand unifying theory

Of everything

Is everything

But that

Doesn’t stop me

Pursuing enigmas

Saying to myself

It’s probably already

Out there

In some form of overlooked

Manifesto for living

That in any case

Bears cultural hallmarks

Exempting it from status

Universal necessary

That in any case

Out-endures history books

Rewritten to update

Antiquated ideas

Of who killed who

Soppy sceptic

Soppy sceptic

We meditate
Open our minds
Which in return
Flush into our blood
Addictive opiods
Yet this is not seen
As being well understood

Finding the way

Finding the way

Sitting in Tavistock Square
Deciding whether it is
The correct measure
To be making decisions
On how to handle
This situation

Yet at the same time
Feeling the threat
Of missing opportunity
Because of deem-acting
The syndrome of change
Must occur

What we seek
Has been found
As expected
As usual
In the form
We try to escape

Free people
Float out
Resist returning
Only confirming
And instilling
The reoccurence

Saddening in thought
Deep and familiar
In impact, yet
Circumstances remain
Leaving purity
And shared knowledge.

Fateful encounter

Fateful encounter

The cycle repeats
Meaning time has come
Factors remain suspended
So fate will reoccur.

Making the right call
The eternal dilemma
Instincts battle logic
The environment intervenes

Choosing wrong affects
The chances of being right
Next time around
The backdrop evolves

Take a late encounter
At a taxi stand
Will she, won’t she
Consequences multiply

Watching myself
Being watched
Forming opinions
That might not exist

In her mind
Chances are
As things are
Fate will reoccur.

My belle

My belle

Big beautiful roses have long stems
Hormones and selective breeding
Growing the body mine desires
Yet tainted by this falseness

Irony. Symbolism. Lesson.
But it’s unlearned.
Nothing is known.
Like why is it I find

The odd one out special
An exception to the rule
Falling into a finite band
Whose boundaries obstruct

One side says she’s the one
Whereas the other enumerates
Long lists of components
Hormones and selective thinking.