Stumbling onwards

Stumbling onwards

Nostalgia-pain is due, but
Having hosted revenge-hate
I feel surprise-relieved
At change’s buoyant state

Deep breathing and plyometrics
Aid this process from slipping
Into self-harming and despair
As enlightenment encroaches

As a final blow is due
The graceful coup de grâce
Is but a second milestone
Making today a fulcrum

A pivot to the future
Amid echoes from the past
Reminding me of failure
In its multitudinous forms.

Emerging fearless

Emerging fearless

Bridges have been burned
And precious does it feel
No going back here-now
Boding well for the future

Fears are quashed by waves
In the loud light of day
And gravity’s grip releases
Upon first due notice

The pre-emptive attempt
To unravel knots of confusion
Use words to explain why
A feeling rarely occurs

Just spot that chance
Spark a chain reaction
A complex of procedures
Inherently harmonising

Avoiding the worst
Establishing contingencies
Keeping life on pathways
Amid the shifting of sands

We stop digging down
Place a mask on reality
Begin proceeding to progress
Nodding reverently to error

Mistakes induce it
Practice annuls it
Determination impairs it
And the list goes on.