Stupid question

Stupid question

Interceding in the past
Pausing for Chelonia
Stacked the way down

No longer bound by age
Change assumes new form
Unfolding states of mind

Reinterpreting first moments
Rising into a clean slate
A repetitive chain reaction

Hammering in locations
Causal classifications
Creaking metallic vectors

What’s weird is why water
Cools to expand outwards
Marshalling lattice order

As we hurtle onwards
Through spacetime moments
With brains reordering rules

We shift instantaneously
Defying basic etiquette
With retrospective customs

But we’re in new custody
Not claiming any credit
Heaping on the blame

Probing more slowly
Holding tightly to health
Exercising in isolation

Vulnerable mind parts
Emergent wave functions
Founding real locality.

Presently absorbing

Presently absorbing

Just walking in the street
Picking a drying wound
Reading between the lines

As white lies flare up
Blue and green fantasies
Whip at the past gone by

Initiating feathered flight
Rendering broader strokes
Booting space and time

To defy our devices delving
Through Hilbert degrees of
Something we thought lost

Percussionists drill down
Into fundamental soup
As the focus shifts away

Puzzling parallax errors
Ignite quantum coma
Blackening our circuitry

Starved of cognitive fuel
Reality rightly melts away
Leaving clarity abounding.