Now they can switch off
Relinquish action, observe
We got what we wanted

Leave those who in control
Empty vessels’ ballast
Dislocate rudders freely

It remains early post-scam
The mindbody is still high
Believing it can’t believe it

Cue a pressurisation device
To blow these shackles off
Bring to a halt the impulses

Just the spacetime it takes
To liberate another whimper
Take an axe to the hoax

The next event looms
It’s a when-where program
And a fresh install, reboot

Here’s to our other lives
All beginning right now
Trade them off why not



Sweaty levels of novelty
Marginalise my chances
Of deciphering complexity

But in other relationships
I fail consummately
Raw rejections resonating

New pathways in my brain
Crack like afternoon thunder
Barely brightening skies

Ambiguously leaving
Traces open to interpretation
Overthinking and despair

Mistakes have occurred
Base decisions on ranking
Locking out libidinousness

Laughter in the shadows
Second-hand exposure
To lethal levels of this

Conflictual narrative
Mutually exclusive plots
Driving branched plurals

Self-evolving awareness
Seemingly tallied in chalk
Whereas reflections in oil

Sit in iridescence
Atop credit cards
Masking über failures

Grant suitors compassion
Buck bruising trends
Emerge from chaos.