Having taken stock of
Heaven’s words of silence
It becomes as clear as
The blue sky at dusk.

Taking to my haven now
Time off from my pursuit
But no clarity to be found
Not least where the dust is.

That my skin dries grey
Is not of my interest here
Underneath walnut burl lies
And a prism plays its tricks.

Sands have drifted southward
My belly fills with inland flows
Exchanging exchanges for a change
And deep within a burning fire glows.

Quantum telepathy

Quantum telepathy

One word
Is sometimes all it takes
At other times many are devoured

Some speak
Others take time to crawl
Lisping taking its toll

It pays
But karma controls
Rewards are all it takes

To win
Having found objectivity
Supplicatory reciprocity

The end
Wasn’t a plan in mind
Coincidentally occupied

Tunnel vision

Tunnel vision

Be nice

Remember names

Think before you speak

Tolerate criticism

Don’t upset the balance

Suffer hypocrisy

Look down

Face forward

Don’t flinch

Subjugate permanently

Fragility infinitely

Fragility infinitely

When did everything become so fragile
and did talking stop being enough
I avoid converting to party to the debate
preserving my objectivity simultaneously
withdrawing eventually
reluctant to accept conflict
to accept defeat
and count hair line fractures.

When did fragility invade everything
and conversation draw to a halt
a word in actions
as actions ignore words.
Choose your own priorities
undermine those of others
until they break
then run and hide, cowardly.

When did fragility lose fragility
beyond the point of no return
the cement become unstuck
the fire climb the capillaries
drawn towards a feeling of entropy
a destructive force finally
but blind to its wrongs definitely.