Stupid question

Stupid question

Interceding in the past
Pausing for Chelonia
Stacked the way down

No longer bound by age
Change assumes new form
Unfolding states of mind

Reinterpreting first moments
Rising into a clean slate
A repetitive chain reaction

Hammering in locations
Causal classifications
Creaking metallic vectors

What’s weird is why water
Cools to expand outwards
Marshalling lattice order

As we hurtle onwards
Through spacetime moments
With brains reordering rules

We shift instantaneously
Defying basic etiquette
With retrospective customs

But we’re in new custody
Not claiming any credit
Heaping on the blame

Probing more slowly
Holding tightly to health
Exercising in isolation

Vulnerable mind parts
Emergent wave functions
Founding real locality.

Vicious circus

Vicious circus

These social ranking systems
Held privately in shaky hands
Leak user-made propaganda
Into virgin minds and souls

In an era of mass hypnosis
Self source witty p.c. puns
Despite the clicker within
Zapping jingoistic imagery

Lurking deep inside your gut
Primed by abysmal noise
Live-streamed revolutions
And other armed tentacles

Highly targeted, multifarious
Built on variable geometry
And obliterated freedoms
Like the act of labelling truth

Gauging deterministic levels
Bucks untruth dominating us
Allows untrusting ourselves
It’s pitch black, we retreat

Cautiously deserted rearguard
So overtly over-defended
And bond some with tech
Frame our life in screens.

Mack Dee

Mack Dee

Oh, and wait, there’s iteration
Logic dictates stop and think
Examine closely losing streaks
Accumulate snow as one goes

Scanning the horizons for respite
Down time and gathered composure
Roll the dice the other way
And aggregate measures of this

Support that is being sought
Burdened with fresh experience
Counting for both less and more
As our means develop viscosity

Setting in stone work in progress
Losing moral inventory review
As we react to this urgency
With hands tied and waist deep

As if caught at high tide
Feet and toes in the turbid sand
Bound by binary questions
And unable to shift at all

From the centre to success
Defying laws of averages
Denying chaotic interaction
Stretching into ripe old age.

Manual override

Manual override

At every possible juncture
Resist the temptation
To reward odd thoughts

As yet unveiled pathways
Roads to another end
Aim to shift the balance

The self has been alerted
Slate grey bell holders
Consolidate their coalition

Just one goal in mind
To mince your meat
Turn you black sheep

Time to revel in pink
Set course for home
Fake a powerful release

Develop something new
Be aware of imagery
And gambling anything.

Flexing muscles

Flexing muscles

Origins, insertions, fibres
The path is widest
Approaching halfway

Yet close to the end
Is only so far along
And extremes distant

So I centralise drift
Anchor shit down
Review all experience

It’s purple and chewy
Stuck between teeth
Making tongues raw

Drifting with such ease
Along the axis of time
Until every turning point

Events yet to happen
Echo into the past
Knocking on notions

Redefining the future
Using original aspects
To nourish novelty.