My grand unifying theory

Of everything

Is everything

But that

Doesn’t stop me

Pursuing enigmas

Saying to myself

It’s probably already

Out there

In some form of overlooked

Manifesto for living

That in any case

Bears cultural hallmarks

Exempting it from status

Universal necessary

That in any case

Out-endures history books

Rewritten to update

Antiquated ideas

Of who killed who

Dithering globalist

Dithering globalist

My life ticks backwards
While glancing over my shoulder
And thinking I should
Face up to things

I sit and wax lyrical
Into a vinyl cylinder
An ode to joy
With an eastern allure.

Some cultures attract
Others threaten
Drawing pretty lines
In defecation brown

Global homunculi
Featuring sensitive spots
And a soft underbelly.
I reject the arguments

In favour of backtracking
Knowing old times
Are not what we want
Yet cleanliness calls.

Zola [on migration?]

Just came across these words from Emile Zola’s Lourdes, which make my spine tingle (English translation below):

Cette religion de la souffrance humaine, ce rachat par la souffrance, n’était-ce pas encore un leurre, une aggravation continue de la douleur et de la misère ? Il est lâche et dangereux de laisser vivre la superstition. La tolérer, l’accepter, c’est recommencer éternellement les siècles mauvais. Elle affaiblit, elle abêtit, les tares dévotes que l’hérédité lègue font des générations humiliées et craintives, des peuples dégénérés et dociles, toute une proie aisée aux puissants de ce monde. On exploite les peuples, on les vole, on les mange, quand ils ont mis l’effort de leur volonté dans la seule conquête de l’autre vie…

knowing that this is our real legacy:851px-spreading_homo_sapiens_la-svg



“This religion of human suffering… was this not yet another lure, a continual aggravation of pain and misery? It is cowardly and dangerous to allow superstition to live. To tolerate, to accept it is to begin the dark evil ages for ever afresh. It weakens and stupefies… the sanctimoniousness bequeathed by heredity produces humiliated, timorous generations, decadent and docile nations, who are an easy prey to the powerful of the earth.” [trans. Ernest Aired Vizetelly, Lourdes, Prometheus Books, 2000, 484-485]

From cities to nations to regions, we’re a species reaching the limits of our environment. Our aggressive drive is gaining momentum.

Loyauté, égalité, fraternité

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