As progress has been slow on the next novel… here’s the last one again: The Heart Worm by Mel Vil.

One thought on “The Heart Worm

  1. Dearest Mel Vil,

    I know this post is unrelated to this particular book, but I wanted to let you know that I have just purchased, on a mere gut feeling, your anthology of short stories: “Elevated”.

    Just finished reading “Snakebite and Pitfall” and wanted first: to congratulate you, as your word-economy is stunning; your quest for ever-elusive truth a delicate, gossamer web of poignant insights; and how you have condensed years into a mere six pages!

    Second: to thank you warmly, sincerely, from the depth of soul and common-bond quizzical spirit. The synchronicity of the universe has brought me to you, and the reason for my gratitude is that you decided to become a writer. Your words are an utter pleasure, a river of basaltic honey from which spring stunningly odd, yet ancestral – and thus, recognisable – flowers. I shall recommend and share your work to as many friends possible!

    As for me, I am working on a book of short stories which you should be able to read soon, I hope. As of yet, my blog is still empty. But its soil has been slaked, and the seedlings are about to split.

    Yours, warmly

    Peter Birth

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