Media naranja

Media naranja

Using shamanic techniques
To unify our organisms
I can carve myself off

Yet some ideas cling on
Generally misconceptions
Processing errors carried

Over from that place-time
Of being ill-equipped
To understand flow dynamics

Eddying and turbulent sap
Prospectively eyeing intentions
Negotiating power ranking

And so forth we progressed
Tied by fantastical events
While others spawned lines

A victory for Fembe
Lost peace’s price
A brief loving affair

Sewing seeds deeply
Carried by circumstance
Deceit and manipulation

Each path creating wake
The beauty of dual freedom
Surging neurochemical wonders

Impulses of proactivity
Positively pumping glands
Drip feed us adrenalin

Regret will rue the day
Our four selves were born
And we wished for this

Job glut

Job glut

Joy, hope, peace, siblinghood
Having sought fear, hatred and pain
Something’s gone awry inside
Halt! They’re out of control

There’s a hidden perspective
Now being firstly discovered
Revealing a lurking presence
By manipulating photography

Stop, wait, you can’t do that
Skills sublime, yet this melody
A musician flirting with limits
Tradition laughing dictates

None of her passion, his ego
Enters the fortress gates
Without the designated authority
The top cock rules the roost

Awkward, no awakening today
Should have been a composer
Emblazoning lyrical informatics
Into modern musical notation

Broadcasting sounds capable
Of carjacking higher faculties
Brainwashing white hats
Open-source guns for hire.

Distracted by oblivion

Distracted by oblivion

Follow a daily routine
Reinforce held ideas
Develop yoga holds
Invent new apparatus

Evolve one’s brain
Forge higher circuits
Pioneer neural pathways
And admire the gestalt

A resonant inner-harmony
The realm of the known
But yet to be unlocked
By the holder of a key

Cipher holographic life-form
A biological blockchain
Projecting herself into space
Occupying her time

Letting her process run
Modulating behaviour
Then reproducing

With your sperm only
Whilst you were out
Distracted by oblivion
But having ably fixed

Your energy’s frequency
Placing ear to collarbone
A symphony of systems
An organ un-described

Not elsewhere classified
Poorly misunderstood
Evasive under questioning
Now she it unsealed [sic].

New cells, old waste

New cells, old waste

So it turns out my future
Is about to be filtered out
As I review my take
On deterministic its

Open to change, yes
As alternatives develop
Scenarios lose contour
Blending into the singular

Until recently attributed
With realistic probabilities
Wave functions squared
And again I collapsed

But having arrived home
I measure my integrity
In an ongoing cycle
Of ensuring I’m alive

The place of convergence
Often the scene of events
At the interstices of exits
Ready to start again

Here’s a decision lightly
Whether to spark a storm
Being the sort of person
Who swarms energy fields

As they enter subdivision
Splitting into several worlds
Mutually sodding exclusive
Hence handing on the baton

My legacy particles excite
Into novel superpositions
Laying origins of convergence
From whence stories grow

This trail of molecules
Seemingly all having passed
Overlooking digestion
Homeostasis and metabolism.



Coaxing my subconscious
Into accepting a proto era
Submit, beast! Lie down,
Gatekeeper! Let it all in!

I shift in my environment
Cutting the chance of change
By culling free variables
I no longer target taboos

Feeling persecuted? Trying
To liberate the masses
Hence we are assassinated
The first mind emancipated

Ideas are burned, abridged,
Mutated and redacted.
Until the message is obscured
And generations have passed

Lessons shall be repeated
Experiences revisited
Disinformation discarded
Manipulation uncovered

Diversion undermined
No giants on this causeway
Off the ladder, so small
Hope springs embryonic.